Cat King is the alter-ego of Catherine Eva King. The interactive performance of life and the reflection of thus via a multi-dimensional doctrine of signs and symbols that both shape and mystify the artist herself. She chooses mediums with challenging visibility aspects such as rust and silver, as an ode to alchemy in an attempt to invite the audience to look deeper beyond what is seen by the naked eye. By engraving fine lines into rusted metal, you must look closer to understand that beneath the rust, there is light that reflects. To truly see the art and appreciate it she wants you to see your reflection within it. . To be present and to enjoy the light within objects that have been discarded or deemed no longer useful or precious the artist hopes that you begin to look at everything as a reflection of self. We are light reflected. Light exists even when it is hard to see. Sometimes we must look beyond the physical to the metaphysical in the search for truth. Cat King is an aspiring alchemist, forever looking for gold in a trash can.

The screaming cat head pieces symbolize the power of silent rebellion. Cat created the image in 2013 while working at the Keystone Design Union in Brooklyn around a time when she was forced into her own silence due to a nodule on her vocal chord.