In alchemy, rust is as important as the metal itself. Iron represents the god of war, Mars, and that is why the rust of iron is red, the color of blood. In today's world however, rust is treated as a sign that the rusty object is on it's way to the junkyard. If perceived as a sign of aging, rust may represent the wrinkles we try so hard to conceal. I  however believe that broken can be beautiful and beauty can be broken.  I want my art to show that we don't need to see signs of aging as something to be looked upon with disgust. I work to find beauty in everything, and I want my audience to share in the satisfaction that comes along with finding it. 

"Cat King has made an art form out of taking rusted objects, and by adding poetry and symbolic markings, transforms them into something special. She believes that by seeing ourselves in objects that we take for granted, we begin to expand our mind to see things in another light. If we can relate to objects that were once deemed undesirable, we might grasp the beauty in a range of other things taken for granted.  

Before beginning to engrave the saws, Cat spends ample time examining each saw to decide the message that will adorn it. When you look at her art, you can feel the amount of sincerity in it's message and that is what draws people to her work. At their best, the statements cut you as deep as the saw would have, in its prime." -Geoffrey Young